Jobbik rejects EP interference in Russia's internal affairs

On October 23, the European Parliament passed a resolution to urge the withdrawal of the lawsuit against a Russian civil rights organisation called Memorial.

A Russian legislation passed in 2012 requires NGOs that receive foreign funding and are engaged in political activity to apply for inclusion in a special government list. The Russian government closely monitors the activity of these so-called foreign agents for national security reasons. Memorial belongs to this category as it conducts direct political activities in addition to the protection of civil rights. The organisation opposes Russia's measures related to Ukraine and its ethnic Russian citizens.

The European Parliament is performing its official duty to raise its voice against any severe violation of human rights and to stand for individuals and organizations in any part of the world. However, the particular section of the resolution which calls on Russia's Ministry of Justice to withdraw its lawsuit against the organisation Memorial before the court hearing can be considered as interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country as well as political arm-twisting. That is why the representatives of Jobbik did not vote for the resolution.

The US has recently made a self-revealing statement about NGOs enjoying US support, admitting that these organisations function as the means of promoting US political interests all over the world. Jobbik regrets to see that the Hungarian Parliament has rejected its proposal to pass a legislation to monitor the local activities of such organisations for our own national security reasons.


Zoltán Balczó

Head of Jobbik's EP delegation

Márton Gyöngyösi

Head of Jobbik's foreign policy cabinet