Jobbik refuses to send Hungarian troops against ISIS

On the plenary session of the Parliament Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó spoke about the new challenges of the Hungarian diplomacy, mentioning that the government saw it reasonable to think about an expanded contribution


Mr. Gyöngyösi told on his press conference that, although Jobbik looked on the rampage of the ISIS with utmost pain, the party could not support any action that could expose Hungary's security to danger. Mr. Gyöngyösi reminded of the interview given to the CNN by Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO in which Clark acknowledged that Muslim fundamentalists of the Middle East were recruited by the support of the United States of America and its friends in order to fight against Hezbollah.


Direct military interventions and actions of the secret services aiming the revolutions of the Arab Spring caused the lack of stability in the region, that has helped ISIS to gain power. According to Jobbik, the government's plans to declare war on fundamentalists, who have been backed by the allies of the Hungarian government are paradox and shameful – Gyöngyösi added.