Jobbik raises the banner in Munich

Jobbik has carried out a historic deed by enabling all members of the Hungarian nation, who were torn or driven away from their homeland or emigrated abroad, to join the party in a national communion, regardless where they live in the world. The party's first foreign group was established in Slovakia in November 2012, which was soon followed by other organizations in Romania (Transylvania and Szeklerland), Serbia (Vojvodina) and Ukraine (Transcarpatian region). By the end of the previous Parliamentary term, we had hundreds of Hungarians living in neighbouring countries all over the Carpathian Basin to support our movement, organize events and give contributions, thus showing the true face of Jobbik.

In 2015, we will continue our work outside the Carpathian Basin: Jobbik's Munich Friendship Group was already formed by ten people on January 24. This is the first step in the party's expansion in Western Europe and overseas. In contrast with the statements of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who says “there is no emigration”, youth travel abroad “to seek adventure” and “we were the ones who wanted to move in the common economic area anyway”, Jobbik considers it a demographic and economic disaster that over half a million Hungarians have fled abroad.

Being an opposition party, we cannot immediately implement policies that would enable them to return home, but we will never settle with just talking about the problem. Based on the views and interests of Jobbik supporters living abroad, we will lay out a credible political programme which will enable the hundred thousands of emigrant Hungarian families, or at least some of them, to return to their homeland. No matter where they live, we rely on the help and contribution of all Hungarians in this great work that could truly save our nation.


István Szávay

Member of Parliament, Vice-President of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary