Jobbik presses for independent Ministry for Education

Jobbik is astounded and outraged by the news that the Orbán government wants to subordinate the entire Hungarian higher education system to the Ministry headed by László Palkovics. The news provides a blatantly clear evidence of Fidesz’ anti-knowledge, anti-intellectual and anti-science policy, especially in light of the fact that the research institutes cut off from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will also begin their operation under the Ministry for Innovation and Technology in September. Jobbik urges the government to immediately revoke this decision and establish an independent ministry for education instead, because our professional and political opinion is that public education and higher education cannot be managed and developed separately.

The education system must provide skills and knowledge that guarantee 21st-century qualifications and allows citizens to keep up with the accelerated technological and IT development. We call upon Fidesz to abandon its anti-intellectual, anti-knowledge policy and its restructuring ideas, and allocate more funds to higher education and finally give 21st-century answers to the challenges of our age! As a renewed national people’s party, Jobbik always stands for the freedom and independence of intellectual life, in line with the civic conservative concept that considers the freedom of thought and expression as a fundamental value. Jobbik has long been emphasizing the need for setting up an independent Ministry for Education because such measures as providing a European salary for university professors, increasing student grants and free higher education opportunities as well as developing the campus network can no longer be put off.


Dr. Koloman Brenner, Deputy parliamentary faction leader, Head of education cabinet, Jobbik