Jobbik presses charges against government and Fidesz leaders for threat of public endangerment

After pressing charges against George Soros, Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki is now going to do the same against Fidesz and government leaders as the authorities have revealed that none of the alleged threats to Hungary’s public order are actually true.

As it was reported on Tuesday morning, Hungary’s National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) refused to investigate the charges raised by Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki against George Soros. In a 5-page explanation attached to its resolution, the authority confirmed that there was no legal basis for the government’s anti-Soros campaign that has cost billions of taxpayers’ money so far.

As it was reported earlier, the people’s party politician had pressed charges against George Soros for:

·        preparation for an attempt to overturn constitutional order by force,

·        conspiracy against constitutional order,

·        riot,

·        preparation for destruction.

In his submission, Mr Mirkóczki simply listed some quotes from government politicians who keep parroting the details of an alleged "Soros Plan" every day (even multiple times). The MP assumed that “if the police refuses to start an investigation, then we will have official proof from the authorities that what the Orbán government does is nothing but a huge brainwashing project, an enormous lie.”

Now that the case has been dropped by the authorities, Mr Mirkóczki claims Viktor Orbán and the government has a signed and sealed document saying that they are liars. The situation is simple but it costs billions for taxpayers, unfortunately.

The MP received the official document from the NNI on Tuesday. As he put it, “in any country with a more fortunate historical background” than Hungary, the government would now

·        apologize,

·        fire the orchestrators of the campaign,

·        and of course stop the campaign altogether.

“I may sound naive but that’s what I am asking the government to do now,” he added. However, that’s not where the story ends as Mr Mirkóczki announced he was going to press charges of scaremongering against government members and Fidesz leaders who have been actively involved “in all this brainwashing”.

Quoting Hungary’s Criminal Code, the MP said “any person who states or disseminates any untrue fact intended to disturb the public peace, or gives the impression that there is imminent danger for the occurrence of an event that is likely to bring harm to the general public is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment not exceeding three years”.

So he will press charges against Szilárd Németh, Zoltán Kovács, Viktor Orbán, Bence Tuzson, Gergely Gulyás, “and many other” leaders.

In Mr Mirkóczki’s opinion, there must be legal consequences if the government keeps scaring the public with some non-existing threat. Ironically noting that “the NNI must have become a party to the alleged Soros Plan”, he thanked the authority for doing an honest and proper job even though all of their other assignments must be far more important than this one. As the MP put it, 10 million people are being brainwashed, and the results are already showing. He said the government had triggered some irreversible social processes, and Hungarian people had never been incited against each other with so much hatred before. “This must be stopped,” he concluded.


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