Jobbik pays tribute to the Polish victims of the Volhynia massacre

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary pays respectful tribute to the memory of the innocent Poles massacred by the Ukrainian Liberation Army (UPA) 74 years ago. In the course of the tragic event, Ukrainian Chauvinist UPA attacked nearly a hundred Polish settlements in the area now known as Western Ukraine and formerly belonging to Poland. The brutal atrocities claimed the lives of about one hundred thousand Poles. During the decades of Communist rule it was forbidden to even mention either the victims of the massacres or the reports of the Polish Home Defence Army which registered that the soldiers of the occupying Hungarian army often stood up for the Polish villagers and offered armed resistance to protect them from UPA’s attacks, thus setting all of us an eternal example of Polish-Hungarian friendship.

Jobbik is fully dedicated to keeping the Hungarian public informed of the events known as the Bloody Sunday of Volhynia. We are convinced that it is our duty to serve historical justice, pay respectful tribute to the victims and name the entities responsible.


MP Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary faction leader and MP Ádám Mirkóczki, vice chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Hungary-Poland Friendship Group