Jobbik outraged by Fidesz decorating former Communist secret police informants

Fidesz refuses to put the investigation of Communist secret police files on the Parliament’s agenda; the governing party already blocks the motion in the preliminary committee meetings. Jobbik promises that the new Jobbik-led government, based on the Polish example, will publish the files and remove any remaining Communist informants from Hungary’s political arena.

In his Wednesday Facebook post, Jobbik MP István Szávay expressed his indignation that Fidesz’ former Minister of Foreign Affairs János Martonyi was given a high-prestige award of merit. The MP explains it is another sign of a significant trend:

"Just an example for the sake of clarity: In 2000 the Orbán government appointed László Tasnádi as the Vice President for Criminal Affairs of the Tax Authority; the same person who, as the operative officer of Department III/II of the Budapest Police Headquarters, was busy reading the secret police reports on Imre Nagy’s funeral and Viktor Orbán delivering his speech there. (…) Although he was replaced in 2002, János Áder promoted him to the rank of major general in 2013 and he was appointed as state secretary for law enforcement in May 2014.”

“Nonetheless, Fidesz has managed to raise its game even higher recently: they gave the Corvin Chain, a most prestigious state award second only to the Order of St. Stephen, to former Fidesz Minister of Foreign Affairs János Martonyi who was a diligent informant of Division III/II of the Interior Ministry under the names Magasdi” and “Marosvásárhelyi” from 1968 to 1989,” Mr Szávay writes.

As he puts it, “not only does Fidesz refuse to hold former informants to account for their role in helping the maintenance of the dictatorship, it even decorates them,”

The MP said that the April elections were going to end this new era of wile fear for good as well as finally eradicate the red past along with it, too. Jobbik believes that in a modern, 21st-century Hungary it should be common knowledge who participated in the operation of a dictatorship based on the most murderous ideology of human history.


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