Jobbik: Orbán's big-headed slogans are very far from Hungarian reality

“Admission to universities and colleges is increasingly becoming a privilege for the rich, which causes the loss of countless Hungarian talents,” claims Jobbik MP Koloman Brenner in his press release issued on Thursday. The politician reminded the public how a Fidesz-organized event called “Transit - Festival at the border” had panelists discussing the future of Hungarian higher education at length six years ago.

“The reform of the Hungarian education system can help it become Europe’s most competitive one since we cannot afford not to have any Hungarian higher education institutions in the top 200 of the world’s university ranking lists. Considering its essential structure, everything is still bad about today’s higher education system,” the PM said back then.

According to Koloman Brenner, Viktor Orbán’s “big-headed propaganda slogans” have been very far from the Hungarian reality to this day. Jobbik’s politician pointed out the latest surveys putting six Hungarian universities in the Top 1000 list of 2018-19 published by the Center of World University Rankings (CWUR) where even the highest ranked institution, i.e., Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) could only make it to the 413th place. (The list also includes: Semmelweis University, 658th; the University of Debrecen, 696th; the University of Szeged, 758th; Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 823rd and the University of Pécs, 948th.)

“The failure of any Hungarian higher education institution to make it to the Top 200 of the international elite even after six years is an important indicator of this complex problem,” Mr Brenner noted.
Jobbik is still convinced that the solution lies in setting up an independent Ministry of Education which could constructively respond to the proposals coming from the professionals. The other relevant factors are providing European wages for professors, increasing the number and amount of scholarships, improving the campus system and controlling apartment rental prices.

"Jobbik calls upon the government to immediately stop bleeding out the Hungarian higher education system” and robbing Hungary of its future. “Instead of empty propaganda and double talk, they should finally take real steps to help the venerable Hungarian universities and colleges to regain their domestic and international prestige,” Jobbik’s MP concludes his press release.


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