Jobbik opposes Fidesz’ GMO liberalization

Jobbik condemns any attempt to soften up the ban on GMOs. The Orbán government serves the lobby interest of corporations that produce and distribute genetically-modified goods. The proof of the statement above is that the Ministry of Agriculture is planning to soften up Hungary’s GMO-free status by increasing the allowed GMO content of animal fodder and human food from the existing 0.1% to 0.9%.

Foreign multinational corporations are interested in this liberalization which has an underlying threat to Hungarian consumers and producers alike. Jobbik demands the government to be true to its words and protect our homeland from the production of genetically-modified plants. Considering Hungary’s excellent natural assets, it is completely pointless to promote GMO agriculture in our country.

Getting into government, Jobbik will protect our homeland from genetically-modified produce and reallocate funds to ensure that Hungarian food could once again be famous for its excellent quality. Agriculture based on family farms is the only way to restore the power of rural Hungary.


MP Zoltán Magyar, Jobbik