Jobbik of Bihar reminds Romania of its unfilled promises

On the national day of Romania, two Hungarian men held a demonstration in the square in front of the mayor's office in Nagyvárad (Oradea), Transylvanian news site Erdély Online reports.

At 4 p.m. on 1st December, the national day of Romania, Jobbik's Bihar County supporters Imre Krisztián Kéki and Csongor Molnár were preparing for a brief demonstration in front of the Nagyvárad mayor's office. They raised a banner with the text of Article 3 of the Gyulafehérvár (Alba Iulia) Declaration adopted on 1st December, 1918, in both Romanian and Hungarian. The text says:

"As the fundamental principles for the establishment of the new Romanian state, the National Assembly declares the following: 1.) Total national liberty for all nations living together. Each nation shall conduct public education, public administration and jurisdiction in its own language by means of individuals coming from the particular nation. Each nation shall receive mandates of representation in legislature and government in proportion with the number of individuals belonging to the nation thereof. 2.) Equal rights and total congregational liberty for all congregations of the country."

Talking about the demonstration on site, Imre Krisztián Kéki told us:

"Two subsections of Article 3 of the Gyulafehérvár Declaration lay out minority rights and we would completely agree with the content, were they complied with. However, since they are not complied with, we decided to write the text on a banner and raise it in front of the mayor's office on 1st December, to show them what they should remember."

Interestingly enough, no sooner had the campaigners stopped in front of the mayor's office and begun to unfold their banner than at least half a dozen gendarme and police showed up. The gendarmes made them fold the banner, and having the Hungarian text translated and checked the personal IDs of the two young men, they let them go after a few minutes.


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