Jobbik: No Israelis in the Hungarian Parliament!

Jobbik: No Israelis in the Hungarian Parliament!

People have the right to know how many Israeli-Hungarian dual citizens sit in the government and the Hungarian national assembly, meaning a national security risk for our country - says Jobbik.

"After the bloodbath in Gaza in 2008-2009, we are witnessing Israeli military terror again. In addition to the Israeli bloodbath, the silence of Western governments aroused even more indignation and so did their statements quite a while after the event: they basically pledged allegiance to Israel and referred to its right of self-defense." – stated Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik’s MP in the National Assembly. The representative of the national radical party expected an answer from the Prime Minister to his original question: when will the Hungarian government stand up for the suffering Palestinians?

As he said, it is painful to see any people falling victims to violence, but the number of victims is grossly improportionate. They are trying to pretend as if equal parties were facing each other, although the number of Palestinian casualties is in excess of 150, mostly civilians, including women and children, whereas Israel has lost 6 people. He emphasised that Israel has the world’s best-equipped army with a direct US military support worth 3 bn dollars per year, while the Palestinians are perhaps the world’s most oppressed and deprived nation, which is put under such a blockade in Gaza that violates international law, while illegal Jewish settlements are established in the West Bank, and Palestinians are constantly subjected to racial discrimination and a deprivation of their human rights in Israel, even though, the UN declared in 1947 that Palestinians have the right for independent statehood. The most outrageous communiqué was issued by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which expressed its unilateral and biassed concerns about the victims on the Israeli side only. – he said.

In his response, Zsolt Németh, state secretary for foreign affairs, said that the Hungarian government takes sides with neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians, but represents the joint interests of the two nations. There are two hundred thousand Hungarian speaking people living in Israel and approximately the same number of Jews live in Hungary, along with thousands of Palestinians. Therefore Hungary welcomes the truce. Only a bilateral solution can be successful – he said.

Márton Gyöngyösi, however, was not satisfied with the answer: as he said, the communiqué of the Foreign Ministry was issued at a time when Palestinians should have been assured of our solidarity. He also pointed out that Eurobarometer’s opinion poll showed in October 2003 that 53 per cent of EU citizens believed, in spite of the pro-Israel propaganda of the West, that the primary threat to world peace was Israel. What would be the result if they conducted this survey today? – he asked. He stated that he knew the approximate number of Israeli Jews living in Hungary, and he said that it was time to assess how many of them are in the Hungarian National Assembly and in the government, posing a national security risk to Hungary.

Vona: Conduct a security review of politicians

Last week Gábor Vona, Jobbik’s president spoke at Jobbik’s demonstration against the brutal Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, and called upon a security review of politicians to see who of them are also Israeli citizens, since Israel is a terrorist state. Israeli citizens must not be MPs in Hungary! – he claimed. He also pointed out that we must take an inventory of Israeli capital present in Hungary and publish the data. During the term of the first Orbán government, Hungary, Poland and Germany signed an agreement to accommodate 500 thousand Jews if there is big trouble, Vona pointed out. He called upon Viktor Orbán to declare whether there is such an agreement or not.

Ombudsman: MPs must declare their citizenship!

With regard to Gyöngyösi’s speech the leftist liberal media is trying to divert public attention from the truth and cry fascism, anti-Semitism and demand everybody, the government the whole Parliament to disown Jobbik. Politicians who make a living on trembling all the time, including István Újhelyi, the presiding chairman of the parliamentary session, wear yellow stars in the plenary meeting of the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, the government issues a routine communiqué to disown Gyöngyösi: "the government takes the strictest measures against all extremist, racist, anti-Semitic statements and does its best to force back all hate speech incompatible with the European norms. It also makes it clear that it will protect its citizens from such insults" – says the Office of the Government’s Spokesman it its communiqué. This is almost the same verbatim response that had been issued in relation with the alleged insult against József Schweitzer, a retired rabbi.

It is well-known that several Socialist politicians, including Pál Steiner and Csaba Horváth attended the founding session of the Parliament in 2010, wearing an Israeli badge. András Jóri, the ombudsman for data protection issued a statement (in response to a request submitted to László Kövér, the Speaker of the House, by „Ready for Action” a trade union of policemen) in which he expressed his concerns about the citizenship of public officials currently not being regarded as data of public interest. The ombudsman pointed out that the potential dual citizenship of MPs, the fact whether they hold the citizenship of another country as well as the date of acquisition of such status must be regarded as data of public interest, therefore MPs, being public officials, are obliged to reveal such data to anybody.

Gyöngyösi: It is not Jobbik you should be afraid of, but the Zionist Israel

„Yesterday, when I addressed a question to the Minister of Foreign Affairs with regard to the Israeli bloodbath in Gaza, my words were misunderstandable when I criticised the Hungarian government for its unilateral pro-Israel approach and pointed out the national security risk caused by Israeli-Hungarian dual citizens potentially present in the Hungarian government and the National Assembly” – responded Márton Gyöngyösi to the charges in his press release.

Just like Gábor Vona said in our demonstration last week, Jobbik considers the national security review important in the cases of dual citizens only. „I apologise for my misunderstandable statement from our Jewish compatriots”- said the deputy leader of the parliamentary group of the national radical party.

Jobbik, as we have expressed many times, does not look at origins, but actions. Israel means an international risk due to Shimon Peres’ statement, in which he mentioned buying up Hungary in the context of colonialism in October 2007, as well as due to its violation of international norms. „We are very sorry that while Jobbik is the only one to talk about these problems, the usual professional trembling started immediately over my misunderstable statements. This clearly shows the bad intentions and bad conscience of these journalists and public figures” – states the press release.

Gyöngyösi pointed out that it was not Jobbik that Hungary should be afraid of, but the Zionist Israel, and the ones who serve them here.