Jobbik: NATO membership is rather a security risk for Hungary

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary categorically condemns the decisions made at the recent NATO summit in Wales since they increase the tensions with Russia and are gravely contradictory to the careful remission process that seemed to take shape with the Minsk negotiations and the truce in Ukraine - wrote Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group in his press release on Saturday.

The communiqué says that Jobbik is astounded and indignant on account of the statements made by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in this matter, since they reflect a subservient attitude towards the aggressive Western politics, and particularly US geopolitical goals, even at the expense of Hungary's security. Márton Gyöngyösi says that even though a truce has been achieved between the fighting parties in Ukraine as of Friday evening, the participants of the Newport NATO summit, including the Hungarian government, have agreed on provocative steps that increase the tensions with Russia yet again, such as NATO exercises planned in the Baltic states and Ukraine, deployment of NATO troops in Central Europe or increasing offensive military capabilities.

Jobbik reminds the public that the Orbán government has already made a short-sighted and self-destructive decision to grant NATO's request and protect Baltic airspace with Hungarian aircraft. This means that if any provocation takes place in a region neighbouring Russia, the Hungarian air force would be in the forefront of a confrontation with the Russian army.

The bear is no toy

Jobbik says Viktor Orbán is committing a grave historic mistake by relying on NATO protection and getting Hungary involved in a geopolitical conflict of great powers with the actual frontline stretching along our very borders. The Orbán administration has navigated itself into a controversial trap where it expects the same military organization to protect Hungary and guarantee the country's security whose irresponsible, aggressive and provocative policies have brought on the Ukrainian crisis, keeps intensifying the conflict with Russia and has marred Hungary's international reputation, credibility and thus our security by having run several dubious military "missions" in the past decade; all in an effort to promote US geopolitical interests.

Jobbik's foreign policy expert states that the conclusion of Hungarian history is that the West has never protected Hungary in any conflict, so the patriotic party finds the government's hypocritical explanation incomprehensible and unacceptable in a situation when our country is increasingly exposed.

The party believes that NATO's openly anti-Russian policy has reached a pivotal point where there is now an imminent danger to Hungary and the Central European region, since it is dragging us into a geopolitical conflict that is contradictory to the interests of our region. In this situation, Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to stop agreeing to decisions that pose a risk to our security, and review Hungary's membership in NATO.