Jobbik MPs get first-hand information at Hungary-Croatia border

Interrupting the party's Parliamentary faction meeting in Szeged, Jobbik president Gábor Vona, MEP Krisztina Morvai, party director Gábor Szabó and several MPs went to the areas of Beremend, Magyarbóly as well as Pálmonostor of Croatia to get first-hand information of the conditions there Jobbik's politicians have spent several hours in the critical region and personally witnessed the impotent attitude of the Croatian authorities. There is a huge chaos in Beli Manastir (Pélmonostor in Hungarian), Jobbik members reported migrant shelters, railway stations and petrol stations covered in piles of garbage.

They also witnessed the Croatian authorities directing 10-15 buses towards the Hungarian border, so we are calling the attention of Hungarian law enforcement agencies that the population of Baranya and Somogy counties may soon be exposed to a serious invasion.

MPs Balázs Ander, Csaba Gyüre, Lorántné Hegedűs, László György Lukács and Lajos Rig are staying at the Beremend border station right now, too.  Based on their experience so far, they believe that the Croatian authorities want to force the gathered crowd on Hungary.

Jobbik finds it outrageous that the Croatian authorities and government leaders, who made so bold statements before, are now ready to push the migrant wave over to Hungary. Not only is this attitude quite cynical, it is also contrary to the international treaties and completely incompatible with the oft-quoted idea of European solidarity.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary