Jobbik may be blocked from 2018 elections

According to János Volner, the State Audit Office’s (SAO) latest decision may be the first step to abolish Jobbik. Evaluating the situation, Jobbik’s parliamentary faction leader claimed it caused the deepest political crisis in post-Communist Hungary.

He said that the resolution of the “authoritarian state audit office”, now headed by a former Fidesz MP, established that Jobbik had received a contribution of assets worth 331 million HUF, which the party would have to pay as a fine and the same amount would be subtracted from their nationally-financed budget as well. “By imposing a fine of over 660 million HUF in total, Fidesz wants to destroy and ruin Jobbik, the governing party’s only realistic challenger, in order to eliminate any possibility of ousting Viktor Orbán,” the politician explained.

Mr Volner added that Fidesz’ step would practically drain all of Jobbik’s resources that the party could have allocated to winning the elections – and all this is done with the help of an administration serving the interests of an authoritarian state. In his press conference held right after Jobbik’s board meeting, Mr Volner stated that Jobbik might not be able to run in the upcoming elections in this Fidesz-created situation since the party had been deprived of its resources. They will have no money to finance their political activities and campaigns, either.

As the politician noted, the SAO audited Jobbik in such a way that the authority disallowed Jobbik to upload data online before the deadline, then issued a release stating that Jobbik did not cooperate, then SAO officials refused to take over the paper documents even when Finance Director Péter Schön and János Volner himself, followed by the media, went to the SAO’s office to hand over the reports personally. So the SAO passed a resolution without ever reviewing the necessary documents, and imposed the fine without any basis whatsoever.

The faction leader stated the Jobbik had nothing to hide, the party had always met the relevant legal regulations. In response to a question from the media: Mr Volner said they did not accept any illegal funds and they wouldn’t be able to pay the fine as they had no such amount in the party’s treasury.


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