Jobbik makes offer to Fidesz on rejected constitutional bill

After the governing parties’ having voted against Jobbik’s constitutional bill multiple times, including last Tuesday, Jobbik MP Gábor Staudt now urges the governing parties to submit the motion as their own.
In his Sunday press conference, Mr Staudt called his party’s offer a generous one. Emphasizing that Jobbik had been against any kind of migrant allocation quota since the time of the first influx, he said his party’s actions were clear from the beginning in terms of enabling the government to protect Hungary even by helping the governing coalition to pass legislation requiring a two-thirds majority decision in Parliament.

If PM Viktor Orbán truly wants a national unity, Mr Staudt asked, then why did Fidesz and the Christian Democrats refuse to back Jobbik’s bill which only had one additional sentence compared to Fidesz’ own motion: Jobbik would finally terminate the residency bond business. The MP pointed out that his party considered Hungary’s security more important than the “dirty money”. “Fidesz-Christian Democrats seem adamant in sweeping off any initiatives coming from the opposition,” he noted.

“However, Jobbik will not reject this motion if the governing parties submit it as their own. On the contrary: Jobbik’s entire parliamentary faction will back the constitutional amendment,” he asserted, adding that such a solution was the only legislative step forward in terms of upgrading Hungary’s defence. As it was reported earlier, last week saw Fidesz voting against the anti-quota bill for the sixth time.


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