Jobbik launches new outdoor media campaign

Jobbik’s spokesman Péter Jakab presented the party’s new outdoor poster in his Thursday press conference. Mr Jakab said the purpose of the campaign was to show that the opposition party was ready to govern Hungary. He characterized Fidesz as a destructive and Jobbik as a constructive force. No matter how the government keeps undermining the rule of law and how it tramples on Jobbik’s rights, the opposition party refuses to be silenced, he asserted.

The spokesman also said Jobbik was preparing for governing Hungary, adding that his party was the only one able to do so. Referring to PM Orbán’s statements made at Fidesz’ Congress, i.e., that if he was given a chance to govern for four more years, then Fidesz’ achievements would be irreversible; Mr Jakab stated it was Jobbik’s historical mission to prevent it.

He described Hungary’s current situation with these three words: impoverishment, emigration, corruption. In contrast, he quoted Jobbik’s slogan as the real measure for any government: “Hungarian heart, common sense, clean hands".

He said Jobbik’s experts and Gábor Vona guaranteed that this measure would always be respected, as Mr Vona wanted to earn the support of all Hungarian people. Regardless of their ideological stance, Jobbik relies on all citizens who want to replace Mr Orbán’s cabinet and participate in Hungary’s governance as well. Due to the restricting billboard law, that was passed by Fidesz-KDNP earlier this year, the new posters will be placed on the 1100 billboards that Jobbik has purchased on credit.


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