Jobbik launches campaign to promote Wage Union concept

Jobbik launches a campaign to promote the European Wage Union concept in Hungary, said the opposition party’s MP Márton Gyöngyösi in his press conference held in Budapest on Tuesday.

The politician informed the media that the newly-established Citizens’ Committee had submitted its petition to the European Commission and asked for a personal meeting with Secretary-General Alexander Italianer. They asked the Commission to make a decision on their petition as soon as possible so that they could begin collecting the one million statements of support for integrating the “equal wages for equal work” principle into the fundamental Treaties of the European Union, he added.

Mr Gyöngyösi also said that he and party president Gábor Vona were going to start their campaign in Budapest and then visit 26-27 other cities. They will also consult trade unions, chambers of commerce and trade as well as other professional associations.


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