Jobbik keeps fighting despite new budget cuts

The fine imposed by the State Audit Office (SAO) drifts Jobbik to the brink of insolvency but the party refuses to give up. As it had been reported earlier, the Hungarian State Treasury is turning off the taxpayers’ money tap from Jobbik due to the SAO fine. The party has issued a press release stating that they will still continue representing their voter base of over one million people.

"The unlawful SAO fine puts Jobbik in a very difficult financial position, drifting us to the brink of insolvency, but we have been in difficult situations in our history before when we were fighting the holders of power but we never gave up and we won’t give up now either."

Jobbik also sent a message to their newly-formed local groups and new members to have faith in the future because the 21st century was soon going to gnaw “Fidesz’ dictatorship” away, but for now Jobbik members would need to rely on themselves. Finally, the release adds that the party will introduce further austerity measures: “Jobbik will introduce further austerity measures in its operation in order to manage this difficult financial situation.”


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