Jobbik: Joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office is not a sovereignty issue

Seeing that most pro-government MPs refused to even discuss joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), Jobbik considers it proven that the priority for these MPs is to further reinforce the criminal network connected to Viktor Orbán. Jobbik believes that joining the organization is not a sovereignty issue but the best way to protect EU funds.

Once again, “the cat got out of the bag” yesterday when it came to voting on whether to put the issue of potentially joining the EPPO on the National Assembly’s agenda. “Certain committee meetings and other forums have addressed this matter before but Jobbik believed it would be best if the Parliament’s plenary session discussed the issue,” said Tibor Bana, the opposition party’s vice president and vice chairman of the Hungarian Parliament’s Committee on European Affairs.

The MP noted that Fidesz and Christian Democratic representatives especially refused to address the issue of joining the EPPO.

“Once again, they proved that helping their friends and reinforcing the criminal network tied to Viktor Orbán is much more important for them than improving the situation of our honest compatriots and the future of Hungarian families, Mr Bana stated, calling it unfortunate that the ex-Jobbik MPs, who were excluded from the party or left it, voted NO in this case, too. He believes it means that they joined “the false and hypocritical pro-government choir” which keeps saying this is a sovereignty issue. However, Jobbik’s MP asserted, the EPPO’s scope of competency would only cover investigating the use of EU funds. It would be necessary, seeing how a significant share of the EU funds have been stolen while the Hungarian prosecutor’s office have been aiding the government in this activity.

Mr Bana believes the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, reinforced with a cooperation procedure, could be a solution. Noting that 22 EU member states had already joined the organization and only Hungary and Poland had refused to join from Eastern Central Europe, he pointed out that the other states remaining out of the institution have not been involved in internal and justice affairs cooperation, anyway.

So it’s not a sovereignty issue at all: if we want safeguards for these EU funds, we need to join the organization, Mr Bana emphasized. The vice president also declared that all parliamentary options had been exhausted so Jobbik was going to collect statements of support for the European Citizens’ Initiative aiming to eliminate the misuse of EU funds.


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