Jobbik: Johannis should support self-governance efforts

"Regarding the presidential elections in Romania on Sunday, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary welcomes the abject failure of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who had played the anti-Hungarian card on numerous occasions. His fall indicates a clear verdict on the current government coalition in Romania as well. However, we have reason to treat the triumph of the elected president Klaus Johannis with certain reservations because the politician of Saxon origin does not support the concept of ethnic regionalisation which is crucial for the survival of the Hungarian community in Transylvania." says Jobbik MP István Szávay's press release sent to our website on Monday.

Jobbik's MP also reminded the public that even though the Ceausescu-era, which had been equally destructive for Romanians and Hungarians, ended in 1989, the Hungarian community could never really feel safe under any government during the 25 years that passed since then. The Romanian political arena has always given rise to such forces and personalities whose game was to incite tensions between Hungarians and Romanians in order to enlarge their own voter base. Unfortunately, the Hungarian community of one and a half million people has a reason to feel as second-class citizens in their own homeland since the Romanian power has recently been acting against the interests of this ethnic minority in countless cases, including the issues of the Szekler flag, the Mikó Campus as well as the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Marosvásárhely.

The multi-ethnic population of Romania decided to elect as president a politician who considers himself Romanian but is proud of his Transylvanian Saxon roots. István Szávay says the election data clearly showed that the vast majority of ethnic Hungarian voters supported him as well. So Jobbik hopes that Klaus Johannis truly wants to be the president of Romanians as well as the ethnic minorities living in Romania, including the Hungarian community in Transylvania and the new head of state will conduct a real dialogue so that the self-governance efforts of ethnic communities would be treated with more empathy in Bucharest.