Jobbik is the strongest right-wing party in Europe

Süddeutsche Zeitung has just published an article comparing the popularity of right-wing parties in various European countries. The article shows that Jobbik is the strongest right-wing party in Europe.
The popularity of the Hungarian radical party is higher than that of the National Front in France or the Freedom Party in Austria.

Vona would start a dialogue with Germany

Hungarian Daily Magyar Nemzet published an interview with Jobbik's president on Saturday. Gábor Vona emphasized the importance of opening to the West: "Ever since 2010 I have been voicing the message that Hungary must represent its interests in a Germany-Russia-Turkey triangle. Recently, Viktor Orbán recognized it as well. My party and I do not and will not have difficulties in terms Russia and Turkey, it's Germany that I must develop good relations with. It will be an extremely difficult challenge because the German media is even worse than the Hungarian one, they label us as a neo-Nazi party. However, I would like to present the real Jobbik to the leading German politicians."

In response to a question whether he has done anything to achieve this goal, he said: "I have taken certain preliminary steps, so we are open. It is Germany that will have to make a decision, facing our growing popularity, whether or not they want to conduct a dialogue with Jobbik, a people's party."


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