Jobbik is the only one to oppose the quota

"Even though Fidesz faction leader Lajos Kósa does question the legitimacy of an EU quota plan in words, he offers a thin explanation for rejecting a referendum on the issue," says's press release sent to our editorial office.

The idea of this referendum was raised by Jobbik in an effort to prevent anyone to be allocated to Hungary by way of a quota system. The public dispute still goes on about what issues could be subjects of referenda but there is no international treaty to govern this particular matter, so a quick and accurate amendment of the Constitution would indeed enable us to ask the nation's opinion directly. The presumed several millions of rejecting votes would provide the necessary legitimacy for the present or future Hungarian government to reject any quota-based solution. However, the Fidesz-Christian Democratic coalition does not seem to be open to this idea," Jobbik's deputy faction leader Dániel Z. Kárpát explains the party's opinion in his press release. .

In Jobbik's view, any kind of quota system would let the genie out of the bottle and open a door which could never be closed again later. Fidesz' one-dimensional proposition, the global quota system would just spread the same problem to more countries while the Hungarian government itself admits that the migrant "supply" is inexhaustible. So Budapest's or Brussels' ideas would just attempt to handle the consequences rather than solve the problem.

In contrast, Jobbik would not allow anyone to be relocated, let alone integrated here, and would give neither voting rights nor unjustified social security benefits. The new fault line clearly lies between pro- and anti-quota forces. The latter are represented by Jobbik, so the party calls upon the Hungarian government to support its idea and agree to directly ask the opinion of Hungarian voters.


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