Jobbik is concerned about the policies of the U.S. pointing towards the deployment of nuclear weapons

Jobbik is concerned about the policies of the U.S. pointing towards the deployment of nuclear weapons


Jobbik expresses its concern and condemns the aggressive and menacing policies of the United States of America, designed to re-deploy the once withdrawn nuclear weapons in Europe.

Last week, the Armed Services and the Foreign Affairs Committees of the US Congress held a joint session, during which the under-secretary of defense and high-ranking officers were discussing and considering the re-deployment of cruise missiles with nuclear warheads in case Russia refuses to return to the treaty reducing the number of such weapons. As is known, the reason for Russia's abandoning the treaty was the earlier menacing American armament in Central Europe. Currently, the USA keeps 180-200 nuclear weapons in five countries of our continent.

The NATO summit held in Bristol this September, the irresponsible, sabre-rattling political behaviour of certain members of the alliance as well as the current armament plans of the United States all point to the escalation of the existing opposition and pose a threat of a new armed conflict. Europe, including Hungary, can only be a loser if such a conflict breaks out.

Jobbik believes that there are no such obligations arising from the NATO contracts that could drift any NATO member state into an armed clash in conflict with the particular state's own interests. Such irresponsible commitments of the Hungarian government as the participation in several international NATO missions that were contrary to our interests, or the Hungarian defence of the airspace of the Baltic States cannot be justified by our NATO membership, they are merely the signs of the irresponsible and subservient attitude of the Hungarian government.

In the midst of the current Ukrainian crisis, Hungarian diplomacy may have one and only goal in terms of national interest: to alleviate the increasingly sharp conflict between the West and Russia, and do its best to prevent Hungary from drifting into a conflict driven by the geopolitical interests of the West. In the past century, our country has been the battlefield of geopolitical clashes between other powers several times, suffering irreparable damage the deep effects of which still linger on. Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to refrain from participating in any provocative actions on the pretext of meeting the presumed obligations arising from our NATO membership, as well as to do all possible diplomatic efforts to promote peace.


Márton Gyöngyösi

Deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group