Jobbik initiates all-Hungarian roundtable discussion on Transcarpathian situation

Jobbik is indignant to hear that, despite all the protests by Hungarian parties, Transcarpathian Hungarian organizations, the governments of Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary as well as the objections of the international community, Ukraine’s president Petro Porosenko signed the new education law which poses a grave violation of his country’s international commitments and general European norms. If this legislation is implemented, then even the remaining Hungarian families will take their children en masse across the border to Hungarian schools, and their teachers will follow suit. This situation can no longer be improved by the economic and financial subsidies provided by the Hungarian government and endorsed by our party, too.

In recent months, Jobbik has declared several times that the adoption of this law must be prevented by all means. That is why we welcomed the Hungarian government’s assertive, although belated position demonstrated in this matter. Our parliamentary faction was happy to back the motion condemning this unlawful legislation as well as inviting the Hungarian government to take a stance against it. Although we appreciate the international protest partly forged by Hungary, it has obviously proven to be belated and therefore it could not accomplish its goal.

The Hungarian government’s strategy of giving trust in advance, making unilateral gestures and intending to open the EU’s door wide for Ukraine without any conditions has finally failed. By the way, the process will have the same end result in Serbia’s case, too. Jobbik has always believed that Hungary should not give unconditional support in advance to neighbouring countries, including Ukraine, in matters important for these states. Instead, we said that such support should be subject to keeping the commitments and promises made to the Hungarian communities living in those countries. Consequently, the Hungarian government should not have backed Ukraine’s visa free travel or association agreement unless the gravely discriminative legislation had been revoked.

In 2014, when Ukraine’s security deteriorated, we already suggested to form a regular all-Hungarian roundtable forum on the Transcarpathian issue, involving the Hungarian government, the political parties, Transcarpathian Hungarian political and non-governmental organizations and churches. Fidesz rejected this motion then. Now we will make the same proposal once again so that we could find international allies, join forces with them to show power and make an efficient stance for the preservation of Hungarian-language education in the Transcarpathian region.


MP István Szávay, Chairman of Jobbik’s National Policy Cabinet