Jobbik in the World

2015-05-17 16:09
NATO Parliamentary Assembly began its three-day Spring Session in Budapest with committee meetings.
2015-05-06 15:37
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary has been greatly concerned to receive news of the fights going on in Yemen for over a month.
2015-04-19 21:22
9 kwietna ukraiński parlament przyjął ustawę, która nadała Ukraińskiej Powstańczej Armii (UPA) status formacji walczącej o niepodległość kraju.
2015-04-19 21:19
Jobbik objects to the decision of Ukraine's Parliament on April 9 to pass a bill legalizing the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as a fighter for Ukrainian independence in the 20th century.
2015-04-01 22:46
Interview of Hungarian news website with Márton Gyöngyösi
2015-03-31 13:30
Jobbik is convinced that a dialogue and international mediation between the Shiite and Sunni ethnic communities is the only way to a peaceful settlement.
2015-03-31 13:01
The European Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly has accepted Tibor Bana's proposed amendment to the Committee's opinion to be submitted to the President of the European Com
2015-03-07 07:57
The US's Orwellian calls for sovereign countries to participate in the war seem particularly scary now when the Hungarian government, undermining the seemingly sovereign status of our nation, su
2015-03-04 16:32
In Jobbik's view, NATO has drifted apart from its original defence role and has been acting as an increasingly offensive alliance.
2015-03-01 14:24
"To protect Hungary's sovereignty, Jobbik opposes the free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States of America." stated Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy head of Jobb