Jobbik in the World

2015-10-17 18:14
On Saturday, Jobbik called upon the Hungarian cabinet to re-establish diplomatic contacts with the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.
2015-10-14 16:12
As the US threatens to push humanity towards the brink of WWIII, the EU is reaping the fruits of “terribly short-sighted” Western policies in the Middle East, North Africa and Ukraine for the benefit
2015-10-11 21:20
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary extends its most sincere condolences to the Iranian nation and to the victims and their bereaved families on the terrible Mina tragedy
2015-10-09 08:53
Jobbik firmly condemns the Hungarian government's voluntary commitment to host a a command center to help coordinate deployment of NATO's rapid response force, thus exposing our country to a
2015-10-06 17:27
The real question is: no matter if it's an EU or a global quota but who is for the idea of a quota system and who is against it? We are against it. What about Fidesz?
2015-09-19 18:45
Jobbik firmly condemns and rejects NATO's activation of command units in its Eastern member states and we also protest against the increasing US military presence in Hungary.
2015-09-16 17:22
Addressing OSCE PA, Jobbik MP Tibor Bana talked about the increased terror threat caused by immigration
2015-07-31 15:54
Undoubtedly, Jobbik was the party to include the criticism of the Euro-Atlantic power axis in the public discourse as well as to represent a new aspect which centred around the protection of Hungarian
2015-07-15 17:42
Jobbik hopes that the agreement will also make way for an anti-ISIS coalition and prompt Western powers to focus their efforts on organizations posing a real and serious threat instead of fighting aga
2015-06-25 17:39
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary expresses its concern about the decision made at the meeting of NATO's defence ministers in Brussels.