Jobbik in the World

2016-10-17 13:28
Jobbik believes citizens should turn to the European Court of Justice on account of the EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA)
2016-09-30 09:14
On Tuesday, the Hungarian Parliament held a debate on the government's position regarding the EU-Canada free trade agreement
2016-09-19 09:22
Jobbik Youth is glad to join the series of demonstrations held at noon on September 17, 2016 in seven German cities in order to call public attention to TTIP and CETA
2016-05-09 14:15
The free trade agreement has led to a confrontation between Europe’s elitist leadership and the citizens of our continent
2016-04-26 16:35
It is vital to remember and to remind others of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that took place exactly thirty years ago
2016-04-06 14:52
We hope the intensifying fights will once again focus attention on one of Europe's longest unsolved conflict and we also trust in the wisdom and common sense approach of the two sides
2016-03-17 12:25
Márton Gyöngyösi says Hungary as a NATO member takes more responsibility than the security guarantees we are provided
2016-02-29 14:25
On the memorial day for the victims of the Armenian aggression committed against Azerbaijan and the 24th anniversary of the Khojaly massacre, Jobbik expresses solidarity with Azerbaijan
2016-02-23 14:42
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary considers it as the triumph of common sense and welcomes that Washington and Moscow put their difference of opinion aside and agreed on a truce
2016-02-18 20:32
Jobbik is glad to see that there are negotiations going on between Hungary and Russia