Jobbik in the Europe

2016-11-04 10:08
János Volner pointed out that the real concern was the mandatory migrant allocation quota suggested by the EU
2016-09-06 07:59
We firmly believe that the old parties, which have lost their character in the false disputes of the 20th century and left a crisis-ridden continent behind, will be replaced by the forces truly promot
2016-07-11 17:04
Jobbik pays respect to the memory of the Polish people massacred 73 years ago by members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) on the so-called Bloody Sunday of Volhynia in the area of today’s Western
2016-07-11 11:16
In this ‘critical moment’, Jobbik initiates a five-party discussion this summer on the future of the EU, more specifically, the renegotiation of the EU treaties
2016-06-29 14:03
This is the last chance for the EU to abandon the Lisbon path of centralization and decide to construct a Europe of Nations instead of a Brussels-centred empire
2016-06-24 17:57
A referendum, the voice of the people must not be overruled by anything
2016-05-23 23:53
The marginal difference between the results of Van der Bellen and Hofer shows that the patriotic option is viable and a significant share of Austria’s citizens considers FPÖ as the power that can lead
2016-05-18 09:15
Márton Gyöngyösi, MP of Jobbik in charge of foreign affairs talked to Alfahí
2016-04-25 12:27
Jobbik wishes a lot of success to Norbert Hofer and FPÖ in the second round of the election, we trust that the national candidate will get the necessary votes to win the presidency