Jobbik in the Europe

2021-09-14 09:22
It takes a very important event for a series of photos to become a world sensation in August, right in the middle of the summer holidays.
2021-07-21 13:19
We have been informed that the European Commission rejected the documents related to the Hungarian recovery plan and indefinitely extended the two-month deadline for the decision whether to unlock the
2021-07-19 08:35
Moldova may potentially have solved a long political crisis by helping a pro-West political force to a landslide victory in the recent snap parliamentary elections.
2021-07-12 08:37
The European Union has long been haunted by the issue of the enlargement to the Balkans, and the community so far seems to have bitten off more than they can chew.
2021-07-05 09:15
Viktor Orbán’s policies have sparked yet another heated debate recently. We have heard many thunderous statements on how we should get rid of Orbán eventually.
2021-06-28 09:35
While Europe has recently been engaged in endless skirmishes over its values on the stage of world politics, Pope Francis’ decree to recognize the heroic virtues of EU founding father Robert Schuman h
2021-06-23 11:17
The Hungarian opposition’s PM candidates want nothing to do with the Chinese loan that would impose an enormous burden of hundreds of billions of HUF on Hungarian taxpayers, and all opposition PM cand
2021-06-21 09:47
Last week’s most important and most widely covered international political event was perhaps the Geneva meeting of US President Joe Biden and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
2021-06-14 10:16
The Covid-19 pandemic has posed perhaps unprecedented challenges for the European Union.
2021-06-07 09:23
We witnessed a long-awaited event on 1st June: the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) finally began its operation to protect EU monies.