Jobbik in Hungary

2019-04-12 10:17
Throughout its history, Jobbik has never submitted the necessary number of citizen endorsement forms so quickly, thus firmly refuting the pro-government media’s lies about its disintegration.
2019-04-08 10:45
Female opposition MPs held a joint press conference to condemn Fidesz MP János Pócs’ scandalous video and the the MP’s refusal to deal with the matter.
2019-04-08 10:32
The immigration organizer government had nowhere to retreat so they had to admit that they had allowed tens of thousands of migrants to enter Hungary,
2019-03-27 19:17
The results mean that Fidesz no longer has a majority in the municipal council. Püspökladány once again proved that the governing party can be defeated by credible opposition candidates.
2019-03-25 16:47
Jobbik wishes to continue conducting a responsible policy and do its best to minimize the negative impacts of the government’s policy on the people of Hungary.
2019-03-19 19:24
Value statement of the Hungarian opposition
2019-03-18 16:43
We keep fighting for an education and science policy that would ensure freedom for intellectuals and independence for the scientific community while providing a European financial remuneration!
2019-03-18 16:38
Hungarian ATV’s “Start” show interviewed Jobbik’s executive vice president and faction leader Márton Gyöngyösi.
2019-03-16 22:36
The agreement means that Jobbik joined Politics Can Be Different (LMP) in supporting the mayoral candidate who promises a more liveable Budapest.
2019-03-12 11:28
Jobbik launches a national tour of exhibitions to call attention to the unscrupulous lies of the pro-government media.