Jobbik in Hungary

2012-07-18 21:00
Jobbik was shocked to hear about János Áder’s trip to Israel, which is equal to a fiasco considering both its timing and its matter - stated Márton Gyöngyösi.
2012-07-18 21:00
Zsolt Németh denounces Efraim Zuroff for diminishing the crimes of Communism
2012-05-29 16:35
The Jobbik party re-elected Chairman Gabor Vona in its Budapest congress on Saturday, while MEP Csanad Szegedi failed to secure another term as vice-president.
2012-05-16 20:15
Vona told a press conference that the committee should determine whether contracts won by the companies of Lajos Simicska and Zsolt Nyerges, as well as other companies “associated with the ruling...
2011-12-16 19:00
Let’s admit that Hungary is a wonderful little country. In which other country’s case would the world public opinion has constantly (the emphasis is on “constantly”) on its mind that in...
2011-09-27 14:31
Commemoration of the Victims of the Benes Decrees in the Church of Homecoming
2011-09-16 23:18
Jobbik today formally denounced writer Akos Kertesz at the Prosecutor's Office for incitement against the community, defamation and other offenses.
2011-09-12 16:05
Jobbik is not just a party, but as its name suggests, it is a movement too. A political party tries to gain as much support as it can, it runs candidates in elections, then tries to use the trust...
2011-09-11 20:57
Latest election results in Gyöngyöspata show that Jobbik should focus on local issues to increase party support.
2011-09-06 20:00
Government backed poll institution Nezopont published its September report showing Jobbik ahead of the Socialists (MSZP), for the first time since the 2010 elections.