Jobbik in Hungary

2015-04-24 12:17
We have a lot of debates about this issue, because we all know that being a people's party is not just an opportunity but a risk, too.
2015-04-19 20:57
"Last week's events revealed how Orbán's administration, national sovereignty and parliamentarism relate to the Hungarian society as the government, aided by former prime ministers Gyur
2015-04-16 09:32
Those, who think that this party distinguishes people based on race, religion or anything else, are by mistake members of the party – Gabor Vona said.
2015-04-15 12:16
Which member of our government will assume responsibility if a terrorist attack takes place in Hungary in the near future, triggered by our participation in the anti-ISIS military operation?
2015-04-14 13:13
Analysing the conclusions of the mid-term Parliamentary elections in the town of Tapolca, Gábor Vona called Jobbik the opposition force. In his press conference on Monday, the party president referre
2015-04-07 13:35
Hungarian taxpayers' money has been managed in a scandalous manner in the past 25 years.
2015-04-07 13:30
In his press conference on Saturday, Jobbik MP György Szilágyi told that an activist of theirs revealed the individuals who were distributing posters with messages smearing the patriotic party's
2015-03-24 16:25
Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor shocked all compassionate Hungarian people when he demanded the removal of a caption from the video of Boglárka Csemer's song.
2015-03-24 10:08
Jobbik demands the Hungarian government to sustain the current reinforced police presence on the Hungarian side of the border as well.
2015-03-24 10:03
Jobbik's president says people will choose between past and present, hypocrisy and credibility at the mid-term elections on 12th April.