Jobbik in Hungary

2015-09-08 12:40
Jobbik expects an immediate answer why the Minister of Defence resigns in this critical situation
2015-09-06 10:15
Jobbik held its third anti-immigration demonstration, this time in Budapest.
2015-09-05 10:20
Jobbik conducted a series of demonstrations against the planned construction of a Budapest transit zone (i.e. new refugee camp).
2015-09-04 16:33
Both of Jobbik's candidates have won the by-elections in the city of Tapolca. This means that the party has the majority in the municipal council now.
2015-09-03 09:20
On average, the daily care of asylum seekers costs 4300 HUF each. Today, the daily unemployment benefit is 2362 HUF per day.
2015-09-01 19:09
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary expresses its concerns about the participation of the Hungarian Defence Forces in the protection of the Baltic states' airspace and considers the act extremel
2015-09-01 09:41
Jobbik urges to revoke the voting rights – valid for the municipal elections – of immigrants whose applications for asylum were approved.
2015-08-26 23:48
Jobbik will submit a motion to amend the Constitution to provide the proper legal grounds for deploying the Hungarian Defence Forces in order to protect Hungary's borders
2015-08-25 21:20
The option of deploying soldiers to protect Hungary’s border against the influx of migrants should be examined, the radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Monday.
2015-08-19 22:01
Jobbik categorically condemns the government's irresponsible policy which exposes Hungary as a potential theatre for the military conflicts of great powers