Jobbik in Hungary

2017-12-13 14:42
Jobbik launched a fund-raising campaign on account of the nearly 2-million-Euro fine imposed on the party last Friday. The party has already received donations worth over 85 thousand Euros.
2017-12-13 12:06
Gábor Vona published an open letter to PM Viktor Orbán on his Facebook
2017-12-12 09:42
This is how head of State Audit Office reacts to Jobbik's questions
2017-12-11 15:49
Gábor Vona announced that Jobbik was going to hold a peaceful demonstration on Friday afternoon and invited all those who wanted Hungary’s democracy to survive Orbán’s nepotistic regime.
2017-12-10 09:22
The stakes for the next four months are: either Viktor Orbán will destroy Jobbik in a most radical way, also dismantling democracy in the process, or Jobbik will stop this madness with the support of
2017-12-08 18:00
The governing Fidesz party, feeling threatened by its opposition, launched a dictatorial action which is unprecedented in the history of post-communist Hungary.
2017-12-07 19:24
The State Audit Office’s latest decision may be the first step to abolish Jobbik.
2017-12-07 14:53
Fidesz is using the State Audit Office to financially ruin the strongest opposition party, which happens to be the governing party’s only realistic challenger in the upcoming elections.
2017-12-04 08:10
Hungary will either fall into an even steeper decline with Fidesz or choose to rise with Jobbik.
2017-11-29 20:59
Hungary’s National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) refused to investigate the charges raised by Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki against George Soros