Jobbik in Hungary

2016-01-20 11:36
Open letter of Gábor Vona to Viktor Orbán
2016-01-18 12:23
We once again call upon the government to heed Jobbik's advice on mandatory migrant quotas and hold a national referendum on the matter
2016-01-17 11:02
Gábor Vona wondered if it was the result of a "central decision" to keep silent about the sexual assaults committed by migrants in Western European cities
2016-01-15 15:04
Jobbik calls upon the government to finally reflect on the alarming emigration data revealed by Tárki's recent poll and take the necessary steps to keep our young in Hungary.
2016-01-15 15:01
Jobbik is the only party to urge practical measures to ensure the protection of animals
2016-01-09 10:20
the joint press conference of the two prime ministers did not reveal much about any of Budapest's potential initiatives
2016-01-06 16:15
Jobbik calls upon Viktor Orbán to accept David Cameron's offer for alliance and identify the points that could serve as the basis for laying Hungary's national interests on new foundations
2016-01-02 14:37
"It is especially so at a time when the catastrophic demographic trends already threaten to cause a collapse of the Hungarian public finances, let alone the pension system," Jobbik's vi
2015-12-30 10:51
Jobbik calls upon the government to clarify how many migrants are staying in Hungary, how much they cost for the taxpayers and what Budapest is planning to do about the masses of deported or reallocat
2015-12-18 09:45
Jobbik is filing a report to Hungary's Prosecutor General Péter Polt, because they believe that there must be consequences if a prime minister makes accusations