Jobbik in Hungary

2020-02-21 08:57
Márton Gyöngyösi's post on Facebook
2020-02-20 08:28
Jobbik’s president Péter Jakab was on ATV’s Straight Talk show
2020-02-18 13:57
Alfahír made a brief interview with Péter Jakab in the Parliament’s hallway the day after the by-election in Dunaújváros.
2020-02-17 16:19
“We had a huge victory and let me thank all voters who participated in this triumph and cast their ballots,” Gergely Kálló said in his Sunday night press conference after the by-election.
2020-01-29 18:37
Now Jobbik must move forward in a battle where Fidesz is already promising more brutal measures than ever
2020-01-29 18:30
Péter Jakab: “Extremist acts are not tolerated in a people’s party"
2020-01-27 09:01
Jobbik’s 22nd congress elected the party’s new officials, including the board whose mandate will end on 30 June 2022, i.e., after the next national elections.
2020-01-27 08:47
Péter Jakab succeeds Tamás Sneider as Jobbik’s president