Jobbik in Hungary

2017-11-22 11:05
If the historical situation or the outcome of the national elections so requires, Jobbik will be willing to make a compromise LMP and Momentum
2017-11-20 10:36
After letting rich migrants in, Orbán now has been allowing poor ones to come as well
2017-11-20 10:30
Visiting Spinoza Theatre patronized by Budapest’s Jewish intellectuals, Gábor Vona participated in a discussion organized as part of the theatre’s political debate series.
2017-11-16 14:26
Jobbik’s spokesman Péter Jakab presented the party’s new outdoor poster in his Thursday press conference.
2017-11-16 09:53
The party would break up the huge government tenders into smaller segments to prevent “government-friendly” oligarchs and their foreign partners from winning all major projects
2017-11-15 08:24
Citizens' campaign committee formed
2017-11-15 08:17
There is no place for state secretary András Tállai as head of the National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV).
2017-11-13 09:31
Viktor Orbán’s congress address could have been delivered by any burnt-out authoritarian leader.
2017-11-08 14:27
There were only two responsible parties truly interested in addressing this emergency: Jobbik and Politics Can Be Different Party (LMP).
2017-11-06 16:31
Jobbik claims that the outdoor media act, adopted by the pro-government majority in the summer, is unconstitutional and blocks the opposition from expressing its political opinions.