Jobbik in Hungary

2018-02-05 11:25
Speech of the President of Jobbik
2018-02-05 10:46
Based on the earlier district distribution Fidesz would not have had a two-thirds majority in 2014, that’s why they gerrymandered the electorates and cancelled the two-round election system.
2018-02-05 10:43
Ádám Mirkóczki wanted to donate to an institution for handicapped children but the institution’s regional operator, which reports to the Ministry of Human Capacities, simply banned him from doing so.
2018-01-29 12:48
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary held its traditional season-opening event on Saturday.
2018-01-26 10:14
MP Ádám Mirkóczki talked to Hungarian news site Alfahí
2018-01-25 13:25
Jobbik’s Parliamentary faction leader believes the governing parties attempt to sabotage the work of the National Assembly.
2018-01-24 21:16
We believe it is vital to slow down the forced emigration wave and to develop a housing programme that could enable wide social groups to make ends meet in their own homeland.
2018-01-24 21:13
Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government not to start politically motivated sham activities in connection with the Paks 2 project.
2018-01-24 10:03
Gábor Vona says Fidesz' lie factory collapsed as it's revealed that they had constantly been lying to the people for three years.
2018-01-21 16:38
Gyöngyösi talked to Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet