Jobbik in Hungary

2020-05-04 10:09
30th anniversary of the free Parliament
2020-04-26 10:49
Jobbik warns that the media has an indispensable role in eliminating the pandemic and minimizing the losses.
2020-04-05 10:05
Márton Gyöngyösi's post on Facebook
2020-04-02 10:34
Péter Jakab expressed his opinion on such issues as the government’s arrogance in relation with the indefinite powers act as well as Hungary’s bravest and most cowardly people.
2020-04-02 09:24
Márton Gyöngyösi: While all European countries are preoccupied with tackling the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Orbán-government is busy trying to exploit the opportunity and expand its authorit
2020-04-01 11:59
Jobbik MP Koloman Brenner rejected PM Orbán’s cynical argumentation that there was no help from the EU.
2020-03-31 09:47
“When did you lose your common sense?” This is what Péter Jakab asked from PM Orbán
2020-03-26 10:12
MPs of Jobbik, DK, and MSZP explained that they wanted to get answers as to who and why gave the order to deploy the HDF as well as why and to which companies the HDF’s command groups were assigned.
2020-03-23 10:52
In his Sunday online press conference, Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary faction leader urged strict epidemic control measures to prevent a coronavirus crisis situation that is seen in Italy.