Jobbik in Europe

2016-03-23 10:24
The agreement made at the EU summit can hardly be evaluated as a breakthrough
2016-02-17 14:00
Jobbik is disappointed to hear the outcome of the Prague meeting of the Visegrad Four countries which has been awaited with great expectations
2016-01-11 10:55
Jobbik requests prime minister Viktor Orbán to immediately consult with his former minister and prevent him from smearing Hungarian-Polish relations and thus harming the two nations' unique coope
2015-12-16 08:43
The Hungarian government's job is to primarily focus on the interests of the Hungarian national economy rather than those of the European Union and the United States of America
2015-11-22 10:26
We call upon the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the immediate revocation of the anti-Russia sanctions which are currently in force but are against Hungarian and European interests as
2015-10-27 08:49
Poland's new government and Parliament presents the potential for us to jointly develop a Warsaw-led cooperation of Central Eastern European nations, thus promoting our national interests
2015-10-17 15:34
Jobbik points out that the party fully backs solving the migration crisis outside EU territory, including an agreement to be made with Turkey
2015-10-06 17:32
Even though Fidesz faction leader Lajos Kósa does question the legitimacy of an EU quota plan in words, he offers a thin explanation for rejecting a referendum on the issue
2015-10-01 10:48
Jobbik asks the Hungarian government to initiate the amendment of the Lisbon Treaty so that the EU could hold a referendum on the migrant quota system