Jobbik in Europe

2021-03-14 18:30
The debate on the Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian media situation was one of the most highly publicized items on the agenda of the European Parliament’s latest plenary meeting.
2021-03-08 09:21
It was just five or six years ago that Viktor Orbán’s name was seriously considered in the list of politicians who could have a significant impact on Europe’s future.
2021-03-01 08:48
It is not a new idea to develop or institutionalize the alliance of neighbouring states that already established close economic relations, perhaps even have a lot of historical experiences and cultura
2021-02-21 21:34
Ever since the Age of Enlightenment, western civilization has always been haunted by the big question: which of the two core values is more important?
2021-02-08 09:25
The fundamental rules and norms of social interactions must have been defined by the earliest prehistoric communities.
2021-01-30 00:05
Half a year ago I posted a multi-part essay to discuss the key areas where we expected the German presidency to provide solutions and guidance for the European Union.
2021-01-17 11:09
Ever since their establishment, EU institutions have often been subjects of many disputes about how overcomplicated and non-transparent the community and the operation of its organizations are for the
2021-01-11 09:08
If you followed the events unfolding in Washington on 6 January, you saw some shocking images.
2020-12-21 11:42
In its last week’s session, the European Parliament adopted the European Minority SafePack Initiative, which can be considered as a milestone for the EU in several aspects. Why exactly?
2020-12-14 08:31
The European Union’s founding fathers may hardly have thought that the friendship and cooperation based community of European nations gets to the point by the early 2020s where certain member state le