Jobbik has written proof that Viktor Orbán lied

“Who paid for or how did you cover your trip to Russia?” This was the question I posed in writing to Viktor Orbán in Parliament back in July, concerning his visit to the FIFA World Cup in Russia. State Secretary Csaba Dömötör’s answer already seemed quite unbelievable back then as he claimed that the entire trip, including the lease of a private jet, accommodation costs and match tickets, was paid by the PM himself. The reason why the response was so astounding was because Viktor Orbán’s own self-reported declaration of property listed no more than HUF 993 thousand in savings, which cannot possibly cover such a luxury trip.

Viktor Orbán has recently used this private jet again: according to an article published by, he arrived in Budapest in it from Bulgaria after MOL Vidi FC’s match there. So it was time to ask the question again: how did the PM pay for this trip? Bertalan Havasi may likely have forgotten to coordinate his answer with Csaba Dömötör because he flat-out declared that the trip was covered by MOL Vidi FC’s owner and Viktor Orbán’s oligarch István Garancsi.

It seems clear that Viktor Orbán, having no other financial resources, either spends the taxpayers’ money uncontrollably on these outings or his oligarchs arrange for his travels, so courting the Prime Minister for winnable public procurement tenders. And all this happens for no other reason than to make sure that the Prime Minister can attend the games of his favourite teams.

This case clearly shows the major problems with the untransparent system of self-reported declarations of property in particular and accountability in general. So Jobbik is going to submit a bill package forbidding Hungarian politicians to accept any gifts from companies (or the managers thereof) participating in public procurement tenders if there is some kind of dependency between them.

Moreover, I will of course pose another written question to PM Viktor Orbán inquiring how many similar trips (kept in secret so far) he has been given as a gift and asking him to reveal how much his trip to Bulgaria cost and whether he broke the law by accepting it. In the meantime, we are looking forward to reading his declaration of property next year, in which he is obliged to indicate the gifts received.


MP Tamás Pintér, Jobbik