Jobbik focuses on achieving European wage union

“In the Hungarian National Assembly’s spring sessions, Jobbik’s Parliamentary faction will focus on the elimination of European wage inequalities; the MPs are intent on doing whatever they can to ensure the success of their EU referendum initiative and, as Hungary’s second largest party, to force Viktor Orbán’s government to take real steps in this matter,” said faction leader János Volner in Mátraszentimre, Heves County.

In his press conference held after the party’s faction meeting in the town, János Volner explained that Jobbik launched an international initiative to reduce the difference and eventually to fully close the gap between the wages of Hungarian workers and their Western European counterparts.

Viktor Orbán’s government has not done anything in this matter; the PM has not launched any international initiatives or made any forward-looking proposals while Hungarian people are paid significantly lower wages than Western European workers employed in identical positions, he added.

János Volner criticized the government for signing strategic contracts with Western European companies and granting them ten millions of HUF per employee in state subsidies “without ever even trying to oblige any of these foreign investors to reduce wage differences.”

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