Jobbik firmly rejects NATO’s offensive measures

Jobbik firmly condemns and rejects NATO's activation of command units in its Eastern member states and we also protest against the increasing US military presence in Hungary. The constant deployment of weapons and personnel and the intensifying military exercises will lead to an escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict instead of its solution, thus posing a risk for Hungary and the other countries of the Central European region as well. In spite of being a defence alliance, NATO behaves as if it were an offensive, aggressive military force whose front countries were the latest joined member states, including Hungary.

If the government considers the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people as its top priority, then it will immediately stop this unconditional and uncritical fulfillment of US geopolitical interests and take responsible diplomatic measures to promote the peaceful settlement of one of the most severe conflicts in this region. In the latter case, Jobbik will be a responsible and constructive partner for the leadership of our nation.


Ádám Mirkóczki, Jobbik's spokesman