Jobbik finds the Council of Europe's anti-Russia sanctions worrying

In the delegation of the Hungarian Parliament, Jobbik was the only party not to support the draft resolution to suspend Russia's voting rights and ban the Russian delegation from the leading decision-making bodies of the Parliamentary Assembly. The debate of the resolution went on until late last night, and the vast majority voted in favour. In our view, the resolution is extremely biassed and unilateral as it exclusively blames Russia for the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. However, it ignores the human rights violations repeatedly committed by the Kiev government and turns a blind eye on the covert intelligence operations and media war conducted by the US and several EU member states in the territory of Ukraine, as well as the coup d'état orchestrated in the Eastern European country.

We consider the proposal unacceptable on moral grounds as well. The Council of Europe is the only pan-European organization where discussion can be conducted in the presence of all parties. By curbing the rights of the Russian delegation, the council has reduced the chance to make peace as discussion became impossible, which will have unforeseeable consequences for Europe. Jobbik is convinced that the exclusion of a potential political solution is not in the interest of any CoE member state.

Márton Gyöngyösi, deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group