Jobbik files police report against Zsolt Borkai for sexual coercion

In his Tuesday press conference Jobbik MP György Szilágyi told the media that he was filing a police report to the local chief prosecutor’s office against Győr’s scandal-ridden Fidesz-delegated mayor Zsolt Borkai. According to the politician, the stories, photos and video footage released by the “Devil’s Advocate” blog suggest that several crimes have been committed, including sexual coercion, criminal malfeasance and drug possession. 

Jobbik’s spokesman said he had already signed the report and he was going to mail it the same day. Expressing his hope that the chief prosecutor would investigate if there was any wrongdoing in the course of the Borkai scandal, the MP noted that the information known so far should have been enough for the prosecution service of any normal country to launch an investigation. He called the media’s attention to the fact that the police did not look into the Fidesz connection which he put it down to Hungary’s going toward a dictatorship. 

Mr Szilágyi called Zsolt Borkai’s case the largest sex and drug scandal in Hungary’s political history. The kind of corruption, theft of public monies, criminal malfeasance, prostitution and drug abuse that was revealed in this case should be universally condemned, and people committing such acts must not be allowed to run for public office, MP Szilágyi said in reference to the fact that Mr Borkai so far refused to withdraw his candidacy.

The opposition party spokesman asserted that Mr Borkai fell both as a politician and a family man: he humiliated his wife and the fact that he “had sexual intercourse” with a prostitute four years younger than his own daughter raises further moral issues.

Fidesz should have recalled Zsolt Borkai from all his offices after the scandal but they never did, Mr Szilágyi emphasized. He put the governing party’s inaction down to the hundreds of Fidesz oligarchs and the thousands of Fidesz clientèle who lead the same kind of life. “This is Fidesz’s real face,” MP Szilágyi concluded. 


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