Jobbik expects the National Election Office to investigate complaints on the election system

Jobbik calls upon the National Election Office to investigate all complaints and comments regarding any suspected election fraud. Several unexplained events took place during the voting process: the election software broke down; there were controversial fluctuations in the voter turnout; anomalies occurred in connection with the verification of the ballots cast by voters registered in their non-residential electorates, the “creative booking” of opposition votes (for example, in Polling Station 4 of Budapest Electorate 4 the registered votes for Jobbik’s national lists were credited to the Net Party, all of which may raise suspicions of systemic errors and abuse. In light of that, we expect the National Election Office to investigate the complaints soon and provide reassuring answers. Jobbik continues examining the data and preparing the legal motions for a recount.


Jobbik’s National Board