Jobbik expects more attacks from Fidesz

“Jobbik is going to face an important and difficult period in the next three-four months while continuing the preparations for getting into government,” Jobbik MP György Szilágyi told MTI Hungarian News Agency in his press conference held in the town of Gyöngyös after the party’s faction meeting.

Explaining that they were to continue the “high-quality professional work” in Parliament as well as their preparations for governance, he said that they expected Fidesz to launch another series of attacks on Jobbik. He emphasized that their preparations for taking over the government in 2018 were in progress, involving certain structural changes in the party and, unlike Fidesz and the Socialist Party, Jobbik was going to prepare an election programme as well. Mr Szilágyi pointed out that PM Viktor Orbán should automatically answer the questions related to his family’s debt of 3.2 bn HUF and its repayment, but if he fails to do so, Jobbik would pose these questions to him.


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