Jobbik elects new board

Jobbik’s 22nd congress elected the party’s new officials, including the board whose mandate will end on 30 June 2022, i.e., after the next national elections.

The members of the newly-elected board are:

President: Péter Jakab

Executive Vice President: Márton Gyöngyösi

Vice Presidents: Dániel Z. Kárpát, Balázs Ander, György Szilágyi, Róbert Dudás, László György Lukács, Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi

Before the delegates cast their ballots, each candidate gave a programme speech, which was followed by a secret vote. In his address, executive vice president Márton Gyöngyösi emphasized that hard work and challenges can help Jobbik to crush the Orbán regime, also known as the System of National Cooperation (NER). According to Jobbik’s MEP, his party must not become a movement entangled in pointless disputes and thus fitting into the NER’s agenda. Instead, the party must develop into a group of relentless warriors fighting for the Hungarian interests.


Márton Gyöngyösi

For that to happen, however, Jobbik members need to become a well-organized army with assertive, dedicated and courageous leaders, he added. According to Mr Gyöngyösi, strong armies are characterized by internal unity, which he wants to promote as executive vice president. He reflected on how he, despite not being well-known at the time, was entrusted by the party’s members to be executive vice president, which involved new duties: he had to grow from a diplomat into a brother in arms and from a specialist expert into an organizer.

As Mr Gyöngyösi put it, he completed the programme he had announced two years before and he was not selling a pig in a poke this time, either: he expects unshakable values and humility from all members of the movement so that Jobbik could become a true national people’s party and work for all 13 million Hungarians. Asserting that as a Christian party, they are not supposed to be selective and refuse anyone who needs representation, Mr Gyöngyösi suggested: “What we must stand out in is having the deepest insight into the Hungarian people’s problems”. He added that just like the business world, Jobbik should also rely on hard work rather than good connections. The party must never be a “small Fidesz”, he said. Explaining that Viktor Orbán will continue to try destroying Jobbik by leveraging the party’s internal fault lines, Mr Gyöngyösi insisted that traitors would not be tolerated in the movement. He stated that whoever publishes or leaks sensitive information will undermine the work of thousands of fellow party members.

The executive vice president sent a message to Fidesz’ media as well: he said he did not flee to Brussels, he is still present in Hungary’s and Jobbik’s domestic policy. He underlined that “We are facing a lot of work and challenges but only a disciplined and well-organized corps can win.”

Vice presidents are elected as well

“We must make Jobbik a community based on common values rather than common interests,” this is how Róbert Dudás began his vice presidential campaign speech. According to the former mayor of Mátraballa, the newly-elected board will have a dual task: to oust Viktor Orbán from power and to prevent Ferenc Gyurcsány from regaining it.

He emphasized that he had already been successful both in the public and the private business sector, working his way up the ladder there.


Róbert Dudás

Mr Dudás expressed his conviction that Jobbik did need structural changes but administrative activities must be performed more efficiently, too.

László Lukács pointed out that Jobbik had little time before the 2022 elections to face the huge challenges, and the party needed Péter Jakab to help the movement to overcome them. “We can’t wait any longer. We’ve said ‘now or never’ countless times but this is indeed the last time.” According to Mr Lukács, if you cannot give hope instead of faithlessness, you are doing nothing but assist the longest suicide in modern political history.


László György Lukács

“Where there’s doubt, let’s bring faith. Where there’s desperation, let’s bring hope!” Mr Lukács suggested. There is a war going on and we are engaged in a battle where we, the soldiers of the national resistance, need to launch a strike at this corrupt regime, Balázs Ander said, adding that “political psychopaths and the NER-shevik mob” wanted to turn Hungary into a banana republic. According to Jobbik’s vice president, the Fidesz government was creating a country where young men are supposed to work at the assembly lines while young women could end up on the yachts of the oligarch thieves.


Balázs Ander

Mr Ander suggested that the cooperation of the opposition was the only way to replace the existing government. However, this can never mean giving up the party’s values: we must use common sense and always do what’s best for the people, he concluded.

Addressing the congress, Dániel Z. Kárpát said that Péter Jakab’s invitation meant continuity for him, in other words, a reassurance that there was a need for old warriors.  He also explained that he had never campaigned for any position but he always felt his responsibility and people trusted him based on his performance.


Dániel Z. Kárpát

As the MP with the highest number of speeches in Parliament and a person who helped to prevent dozens of evictions, he believed it was his work that earned Jobbik’s trust to keep him as vice president for so many years and to invite him for this role again. We need humility, field presence and active operation so that our honest work could bring fruit, he concluded.

Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi began her speech by explaining that Jobbik’s financial reorganization should be the zeroth step to ensure the party’s operability.


Anita Potocskáné Kőrösi

In her words: “I joined this community to work, not to get into a position in somebody else’s wake." She emphasized that she was driven by one goal: to honestly complete all tasks to the best of her abilities. “I will settle for no less than that for anybody’s sake,” she asserted, adding that “there’s a war going on outside in the Orbán system, and Jobbik is needed in this fight”.

György Szilágyi discussed Péter Jakab’s virtues at length, suggesting that the president-elect have always said honestly and bravely that Jobbik needed a change.


György Szilágyi

He also emphasized the need for a structural change, without which victory cannot be achieved in 2022. “I promise to be with you in the front line in 2022, I won’t watch the battle from the commander’s tent. You will never hear “Go” from us, you will only hear “Follow us!” Jobbik’s MP stated, adding that the party needed real warriors in the upcoming battles.

New party director

The congress decided that Gábor Szabó would go on to work as the chairman of Jobbik’s national assembly from now on. For the past 16 years, Mr Szabó has filled two roles as Jobbik’s party director and chairman of the national assembly but he has come to the decision that he would only like to act as chairman in the future.

As he put it, “it was not a natural state of affairs” that he filled both roles so he had to realize that Jobbik’s organizational structure needed a renewal and, as the party’s founder and creator of the old structure, he did not feel he was suitable for introducing a new approach.

Mr Szabó asserted he was not exhausted by the work but his function as assembly chairman would allow him to complete such organizational tasks that he had had no sufficient energy left before. Our patriotism now requires us to oust the Orbán regime but we remain the same people we were before, he concluded. Jobbik’s board will soon appoint the new party director. Earlier statements imply that outgoing president Tamás Sneider may aspire to this role in the near future


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