Jobbik elects Krisztina Morvai as head of list for EP elections

Krisztina Morvai heads Jobbik's list for the European Parliament elections again. The party wants to hold a referendum about the relationship between the European Union and Hungary.


We are not going to astonish anyone today when we present our astonishingly strong head of the EP election list, since Krisztina Morvai has already proven her worth for the Hungarian nation with her relentless commitment and honest agenda. Therefore we decided to entrust her as the head of Jobbik's list for the European Parliamentary elections, and, thank God, she accepted - said Gábor Vona in his press conference on Tuesday.

The president of the patriotic party pointed out that Jobbik was planning to hold a referendum on the relationship between the European Union and Hungary. In addition to asking voters whether or not Hungary should remain a member of the Union, the referendum will also elicit citizens' opinion as to what form of membership they want if we remain members.

Gábor Vona said that two different approaches had unfolded. One is the Europe of nations, the other is the concept of the United States of Europe; an entity above all nations. We obviously support the first approach. We have been members of the EU for ten years, so we feel that the Hungarian government does not have the right to decide in this matter without asking the society.

Talking about Krisztina Morvai heading the list, he said that she had undertaken the office of head of list in 2009 as an independent human rights activist, lawyer and legal expert, and she would remain the same after the elections in 2014 as well. She will head Jobbik's list as an independent personality, since we represent the same standpoint in nearly all issues regarding the EU-Hungary relationship, however, we do feel that this relationship is far above partisan politics. Therefore we think that a non-partisan, independent expert is the best to symbolize this approach.

Continuing to serve the nation

Taking the floor, Krisztina Morvai said that the leadership of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary had asked her to run for the European Parliament as the party's candidate and head Jobbik's list in the EP elections in 2014. "Jobbik has been satisfied with my work as an EP representative, and they expect the same from me in the next term, with a similar attitude, message and within a similar framework."

The politician pointed out that she would not enter the party, take not commands from the party or be bound by partisan discipline. "I will determine the content of my speeches and motions, so the responsibility will also be mine." - she added.

"I will stay among the independent MPs and I can remain so even if Jobbik joins an existing or newly-forming faction. However, if I wish to join a EP faction, party or alliance independent from Jobbik, I will not do so without the prior approval of the party's leadership." - she said.

In her words: "If the confidence of voters sends me to the EP for another five-year term, I will represent the same values as before and will continue working along the same line of national and human rights activism. My activity as an EP representative is completely transparent and can be studied at my website.

Our objective is to make both our compatriots and the EU feel and understand that Hungarian people have the same right for national sovereignty, European living standards and wealth as the citizens of the old member states."

She pointed out that we needn't and we mustn't kowtow to the will of obscure international lobby groups and powers. "This is what I work for as an EP representative in Brussels, Strasbourg and Hungary as well, so that I can boost the shattered and marred self-esteem of Hungarian people." - she added.