Jobbik demands the government to order a mandatory home quarantine immediately!

The one who gains time, gains everything. It’s an old saying but it very much applies today. The Orbán government seems to have wasted what is the most precious thing now: time. One irresponsible government statement was followed by another; downplaying the coronavirus did not help us prevent the total spread of the epidemic. The Orbán government’s recent efforts should have been much rather focused on taking economic and social measures to reassure Hungarian employers and employees as well as providing reliable information for the public. Instead, Viktor Orbán apparently gives priority to deploying soldiers to the streets and private business facilities. He also finds it more important to expel the supposedly inconvenient questions of the remaining independent media from the “press conferences” and, even more worryingly, to secure special powers for himself indefinitely.

In order to protect the health and life of our compatriots, we are asking the government to adopt the measure that we have been demanding for several days. We are pleading with Hungary’s government to make a responsible decision and order a mandatory home quarantine for all Hungarian citizens, with three exceptions: working, shopping and helping others. We are also asking Viktor Orbán and his government to follow the examples of the neighbouring countries and compensate for the income of those who lose their jobs and livelihood on account of the epidemic. We demand the Orbán government to organize assistance for the persons in need and for the elderly during the curfew. We are requesting the Hungarian government to finally act responsibly and do its best to protect the Hungarian people, and not even think of using the increasingly catastrophic pandemic situation as a hypocritical and transparent pretext to expand its own powers!

We hope that the round-the-clock curfew, which seems quite inevitable as a matter of common sense, has only been delayed because the government knows more than we do. We also hope that the only reason why Hungary has not taken the measures suggested by so many noted Hungarian epidemic experts, professional associations as well as international organizations and countries where the pandemic has already led to more victims and loss, is because there is something we don’t know! Furthermore, the Orbán government already has all the powers needed to adopt the measures we suggest.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary